The Garage 

‬The Garage graduates are our ambassadors‭, ‬helping expand awareness and understanding the potential embedded‭, ‬yet hidden‭, ‬within this group‭.‬

Our wish for the Future‭:‬

The Garage team is determined to enhance and expand its program‭.  ‬We are certain that we provide a unique skills set to our participants‭.  ‬We provide a balance between behavioral/social support and artistic professional teaching skills and methodologies‭. ‬The latter is available in all academic programs‭; ‬the combination is our strength and advantage‭.‬

The Garage accompanies the student for one year which is a very short period in the often complex and difficult history experienced by the individuals in our program‭. ‬The hurdles they face are significant‭. ‬We surround the student with much support and discipline‭. ‬We are there for them‭! ‬We want to ensure their future success‭. ‬We believe that graduating from art programs is a challenging task‭.‬‭ ‬

Accompanying our graduates throughout their studies will increase the chance for our students to complete the task successfully‭.‬‭ ‬An art program graduate has a much greater chance to integrate into the workforce‭, ‬and find a way to a fruitful productive life‭ ‬experience‭.‬

To establish a scholarship fund‭ ‬is a goal we pursue to allow students of the Garage program to submerge themselves in their studies‭. ‬Our student tuition is paid by various Government agencies‭ - ‬the amount of the tuition paid depends on the level of disability‭.  ‬For those students where‭ ‬the support is partial‭, ‬we would like to award scholarships based on merit and excellence‭. ‬‭ ‬

Founded in 2014‭, ‬the Garage is a Multidisciplinar pre-academic art school‭. ‬The founders’‭ ‬belief and philosophy have dictated the program’s mission‭ - ‬enabling groups of talented young artists‭, ‬facing mental health challenges and difficulties‭, ‬to find their role in the marketplace‭.  ‬The pre-academic program is the first step in the voyage‭.  ‬The Garage‭, ‬being the only Israeli school of its kind and potentially unique in the world‭, ‬offers a yearlong curriculum composed of courses at a high professional-artistic level in‭ ‬three tracks‭: ‬Art‭ ‬&‭ ‬Design‭, ‬Music‭, ‬and Media‭ ‬&‭ ‬Writing‭.  ‬The program is demanding yet supportive‭. ‬It aims to give the student the required skills for both academic studies and workplace‭.‬

Young adults‭, ‬who face mental health challenges‭, ‬often find themselves isolated and a bleak future‭. ‬Since many are artistically‭ ‬talented and have unique sensitivities‭, ‬developing their skills and enhancing their strength‭, ‬offers the opportunity to enter previously closed doors to their professional future‭. ‬The school offers a unique‭, ‬accepting and inclusive environment that is attentive to students’‭ ‬needs‭. ‬The Garage’s program merges art studies with pedagogic content as well as personal‭, ‬social and communication skills‭. ‬Over the course of this year‭, ‬students acquire the necessary tools‭, ‬and prepare their portfolios required for admission to the art‭, ‬design and music schools as well as film and media schools‭.‬

We are extremely proud of our graduates‭!  ‬More than half are currently enrolled in leading art and music schools‭, ‬such as the Bezalel Academy of Art‭, ‬Shenkar Design College‭, ‬Israel Music Conservatory‭, ‬Beit Berl College‭, ‬Rimon School of Music and others‭.  ‬They are developing their talents and expanding their horizon‭. ‬We believe and expect to see them as productive members of the art‭ ‬community in the very near future‭.